About Hilco Redevelopment Partners (HRP)

Hilco Redevelopment Partners provides innovative solutions to maximize the value of complex real estate assets by leveraging the extensive capabilities and capital of Hilco Global to efficiently develop and bring new uses to these properties.

As an industry leader in successfully completing large industrial redevelopment projects, Hilco Redevelopment Partners is a trusted partner and principal investor in real estate deals, focusing on finding, redeveloping and reimaging these properties as state-of-the-art warehouses, fulfillment centers, and other industrial facilities located near major transportation hubs, ports, and other strategic infrastructure assets to create supply chain efficiencies for end users.

HRP’s facilities are developed to meet customer’s needs and located in markets with strong labor pools and dense population.

Hilco Redevelopment Partners is a unit of Northbrook, Illinois based Hilco Global.

Hilco Global operates more than twenty specialized business units offering services that include asset valuation and appraisal, tangible and intangible acquisition and disposition of assets, real estate advisory, strategic equity investments, and much more.

A single integrated solution

Providing capital to guarantee completion of all project phases

Completing all remediation to regulatory standards

Monetizing all assets, including receivables, inventory and PP&E

Redeveloping sites in a socially responsible manner

Phone: 312.796.6564
Email: hrpinfo@hilcoglobal.com

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