Peter Westmeyer

Peter Westmeyer

Advisor | Chicago

Peter Westmeyer is Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Remedy Medical Properties, Inc. and has over 15 years of real estate and finance experience. He is responsible for overseeing investment and asset management activities for the Chicago-based firm.

His responsibilities include sourcing, analyzing, and financing healthcare real estate investments, as well as structuring and raising capital for the firm. Peter has principally invested in numerous commercial real estate deals since 2007 and has raised and manages private equity funds for MBRE Healthcare’s acquisition and development efforts. Peter also oversees business development and the ongoing performance of MBRE Healthcare’s national portfolio. Under his direction, the firm has grown to be the largest private owner of healthcare facilities in the United States.

Before founding Remedy Medical Properties, Inc., Peter worked as an Associate for the Corporate Investment Group within Bank of America’s Investment Banking Division. Prior to banking, he worked in real estate investment sales, specializing in multifamily and land properties in Colorado.

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